Kiwanis Discord Server FAQ

The document below was authored by Steve Dondley to help people understand the advantages of Discord.

What is Discord?

Discord is a very popular free software program for group chats. Chats have a great advantage over something like email in that they can be done in real-time and multiple people can participate. Or, you can communicate asynchronously, too. This means you can write something late at night and someone can get back to you in the next day.

Don’t we have WhatsApp for real-time chat?

The big advantage to Discord is you can easily set up and organize many chat rooms. So instead of everyone belonging to one large conversation like with WhatsApp (or texts), you can join only the chat rooms you are interested in. You’ll also be able to control which conversations you receive notifications for. And there’s other features built into Discord that I think can make it a great solution for the Westfield Kiwanis Club like voice/video chat.

Another big advantage to Discord is it will keep an entire history of all past chats which are fully searchable by everyone. So any new person coming on board will see a complete record of what has transpired and be able to search it.

Is the Kiwanis Club Switching to Discord?

There are no plans to at this time. This is just an experiment with the website committee to see how it goes.

How do I do…

I’ll be creating another page to help people figure out how to manage notifications and use other common features in Discord soon.