Add a single, one-time event to the calendar

In the horizontal admin menu, hover over + New and click Event

Add a title for the event

Add a description and other important details for the event in the large text area below the title

Add a start time in the Event Details

Add an end time if there is one. If there is no end time, default it to one hour later than start time.

If there is no end time, click Advanced and check “Hide Event End Time”

Click Location/Venue and select the location

Click “Links” and add any information links, if any

Click “Organizer” and choose an Organizer for the event, if any

Click “Cost” and add the cost of the event, if any

Click “SEO Schema/Event Status” if the event is postponed, cancelled or moved online

In the right column, categorize the event

Click the blue “Publish” button